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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 501

1885-88 Small Dragon Issues
Proofs and Essays
The Perkins Bacon Essays
5ca. imperforate proof in bistre on stout paper without watermark, with large margins, fine. There are two printing marks in the side panels which have been crossed through in pencil, in fact these marks are a characteristic of the Small Dragon printings, The lower right corner is curved and shows a break, similar to a later state of cliché 2. There are some faint pencil notes on the reverse, apparently by Peter Holcombe.

A highly important proof believed to be unique.

Beckeman Collection, May 1998

The Small Dragons, Michael Ho, 2016 (illustrated fig 2-4)

This example, along with the three values in black, were originally part of the Perkins, Bacon archives. They were acquired by Charles Nissen & Co. in the 1970's and later passed to Stanley Gibbons when they purchased the Nissen stock.

伍分銀無齒無浮水印帶闊邊紙樣票,橘黃色,印在厚紙之上,保存良好; 在邊紙上有兩個印記,並被鉛筆所劃,其實此種印記在印刷小龍票時是常見的,在右下角處有些彎曲及裂口,與後的子模2相似,樣票背面有Peter Holcombe的輕微鉛筆記號,相信這是一枚十分重要的小龍樣票._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流:1998年5月Beckeman 收藏; 著作:"小龍郵票" 2016年刊,作者:何沐源,插圖2-4; 此枚樣票,原屬帕金斯-培根公司三種面值無齒黑色試模樣票檔案之中,後來被Charles Nissen公司購得,在上世紀七十年代後期因Stanley Gibbons購買了Nissen公司的存貨時歸其所有.

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