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Auction: 18039 - Fine Stamps and Covers of South East Asia, Including The Dr. Cheah Jin Seng Collections of Straits Settlements and Kedah, and The Iain Dyce collection of Straits Settlements
Lot: 514

British Military Administration
The Iain Dyce collection in an album comprising stamps (505) and covers/cards (41) including free postage covers (5 including a Thai occupation 4c. card cut down and covered to make a postcard and showing use of Kedah Thai occupation datestamp), envelopes (2) bearing unoverprinted Straits Settlements stamps, issued stamps with 1c. to $5 set of fourteen perforated "specimen", 1c. to $5 less 12c. on two day of issue covers locally addressed at Sungei Bakap and another set on two locally addressed and registered Singapore covers, 1c. to $5 (both set of fifteen on locally addressed and registered Johore Bahru cover; the study of the different printings include 1c. used (2) with magenta overprint and striated paper used (2), 2c. Die II on ordinary paper with offset mint and chalky paper mint blocks of four (2) and striated paper mint blocks of our (2) and a used pair, 2c. Die I mint and used (2), 3c. yellow-green ordinary paper mint (2), blue-green ordinary paper mint (2) and striated paper mint (2), 6c. grey ordinary paper mint blocks of six and four and used (10, eight with 2c. on cover from Batu Paha to Glasgow) and a mint marginal block of four on striated paper, 8c. ordinary paper blocks of four (2) with overprint misplaced to right and used block of six and singles (2) on striated paper, unissued 8c. grey, 10c. Die I mint vertical pair on striated paper, 15c. with black overprint mint pair with overprint in margin at left, 15c. blue with red overprint on ordinary paper mint, 15c. bright ultramarine on chalky paper mint, 25c. ordinary paper corner plate number block of four mint and striated paper mint and used block of six, $5 green and red on emerald mint block of six and corner plate number block of four and a used single, and $5 purple and orange mint (5) and used (10 including two blocks of four), 1947 (12 Mar.) envelope to Glasgow bearing 2c., 3c., 10c. (2) and 25c. tied by rare error "snigapore" double-ring d.s. and Revenue $25 pair and $100 used; most neatly mounted and written-up. A very good lot well worth careful examination and a great basis upon which to expand

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